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Solar Eclipse Box Projector #SolarEclipse2017

By the time I realized that North America would see a Solar Eclipse on August 21, it was too late to order glasses to allow us to view the sun safely. I remembered a project from when I was a child, that used a box, white paper, tape, and foil to make a sun projector. Here are a few photos of the project we made at home. I'm sure it would have been exciting to where special dark glasses and what the event directly, but this activity gave us a chance to exercise our creativity. We tested it out today and we're able to see the suns image projected in our box, so are hoping for a clear sky to capture the solar eclipse tomorrow afternoon. It is expected to start at approximately 1:00 pm EST and last a few hours. Our region may experience a 75% Eclipse when the moon passes between the earth and sun.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor endorsed by any brands or agencies mentioned within. My stats and information were found on the NASA website. The safest way to see the Eclips…

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