Don't Forget to Freshen Your Home Scent When Hosting Holiday Gatherings #lampebergercanadaBA #Sponsor

I love to cook, and I love to eat. I don't love the left over odours that linger long after the delicious onions and garlic have been eaten and dishes washed. I have tried electric scent plug ins and candles. They are piled in the cupboard with my automatic battery powered aerosol scent blasters, and scented wax warmers.  The only thing I have found to have an immediate and lasting effect in cleansing the air in my home, is Lampe Berger.
Satin Lampe set retails for $49 and comes 
with a small 180 ml bottle of Orange Cinnamon.

 This product is in the top ten list of favourite products that I love to receive and to give as gifts. There are affordable products to choose from, the product works as described, and there is a wide variety of home fragrances of choose from-something for every nose.
Trio Pack 3x180 ml
retails for $24
With more than 100 years of experience, Lampe Berger has been a proven way to cleanse air with their patented catalytic wick. I have two lamps for my main floor, and one in the basement, family room.  The new satin lamp will be my hostess gift for the Thanksgiving feast we will be attending. Though, I was going to save it for Christmas giving, with its red and gold box, it looks very festive. I know this is one gift that will be well received and will suit many types of home decor.

BTW- Wild Berries Home Fragrance has now been approved by my hubby, he isn't a fan of most home fragrances, but has asked me to burn this one more than once.

Visit www.lampeberger.ca for more information and inspiration.

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Saturday Baking Tradition with Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake ovens have been around for decades. I remember having a toy oven with Holly Hobby on it when i was a girl. Saturday has become a baking day spent with my own girl. Sometimes we bake our favourite blueberry muffins, and other times we use her Easy Bake Oven. The refills can be pricey, so I sometimes reserve a few teaspoons of batter when I make a big cake. Placed in a greased Easy Bake pan and baked for 20 mins, to be decorated all by herself.

Ultimate Easy Bake Oven
With Cake Pop Refill Set
My girl is seven now, so she can read and follow the detailed recipe guide that comes with each refill kit. The Cake Pops are a little messy to roll but we chill the mixture in the fridge about 20 mins before rolling.  We chose not to use the reusable plastic sticks and display stand (that came in the refill), but they do make a cute addition.
Chocolate Cake Pops

Our pops were tasty, and we look forward to making them again. The refill kit retails for about $20 and came with ingredients to make two batches.

The oven can be found for about $100 and was a Christmas gift two years ago. I hope my girl has good memories of our Easy Bake afternoons, twenty years from now.

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Halloween Decor from Hallmark Canada #giveaway (10/17) #LoveHallmarkCA

My favourite season is here. I love Autumn! Bring on sweaters, spiced lattes, pumpkin pies, and harvest/Halloween decorations. My friends at Hallmark Canada have shared a variety of Halloween and harvest themed products to get ready for the changing season.
Spooky Metal House Decoration Hanger (decorations sold separate)
$24.99 MSRP
Spook-tastic Ghost Sound & Music
$24.99 MSRP

Treat Presenter Book
$14.99 (special purchase)


Inside view of the
 Treat Presenter Book.

Lift the lid to activate one of three messages: 
A haunted evening waits for you 
Be careful! Beware! In all you do! 

Listen, look and be very wary,
for I've seen what's out there, and oooh, it's scary! 

Keep your treats and candy near, or soon they may just disappear!

 (Product description from Hallmark Canada)

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Love Yourself to Battle Care Giver Fatigue. #Life

This is the days old tattoo. I think I may need a touch up
in a couple places, but have to wait a few weeks for the final
reveal once the crust falls off.
I did something that I've wanted to do since I was a teenager, which is, to get a tattoo. I have one on my back, that is never seen by me, and rarely seen by anyone else either. I have my daughter's name inked in a permanent tribute on my back left, shoulder. My hubby wasn't against me getting this new tattoo, but couldn't understand my choice of  inking my leg with the word "beloved".  This word has been on my mind for years, I just had to commit to where I wanted it inked.

In the 80's it was a big deal to get plaques, posters, and book marks with your name and it's popular meaning. I have a few of these childhood artifacts and each one gives similar descriptions for my name, beloved is top of the list for the descriptions of my name meaning. What does the word mean to me?

My tattoo artist didn't evaluate my tattoo choice, but was curious about it. I said simply, it is supposed to be one of the meanings of my name and it would be too vain to just get my name inked on my leg.  I've spent a lot of years in self hate and denial of my own needs, so it's a 40th birthday gift to myself.  I have never struggled with vanity. In the sense of loving my physical self or being obsessed with my physical appearance. I am a product of genetics, life and food choices, and my body is the vehicle for my physical existence. So what does it mean to be beloved?  As I got closer to my fortieth year, I realized that I give the best of my self away every single day.  I am a nursery school teacher that uses every part of my being;- touch, sound, smell, sight, thought, emotion, and physical strength. Holding at least one crying infant on my hip for most of the day while trying to plan and implement meaningful learning opportunities, empathy for parents, and working with a large team of educators, when we all may have a different opinion on how to do our jobs.  I come home after already giving my best self to my career, and have to draw deep on reserve patience and empathy to care for my family

Please don't think I'm a whiner. I love my job. I chose my job. I love being a wife and mother. I chose both of those life changing relationships as well. BUT -Being a full time caregiver often leaves me empty. There are days that I get up at 5:15 am, go to work from 6:45 to 3:30, and on the way home, realize that I haven't taken one sip from my water bottle the entire day. I would go home and do my "mom shift" and work until midnight on family and mom chores.

After a series of illnesses last year, I had to evaluate my level of self-care. It's not okay to go 7-8 hours without eating or drinking. It's not okay to ignore symptoms of illness for guilt of putting off something in my full schedule. I had a nagging sinus problem for 12 weeks last year because I just couldn't give myself the time to do a follow up appointment with my doctor.

Beloved means;

I am a beloved mother, daughter, and wife. I deserve to be loved. Even when I mess up.

I will eat and drink at regular intervals to keep my physical self fuelled.

I will go to the doctor if I have a new or persistant health issue.

I will take time to charge my mind, and soul. So I'm not running on empty.

I will ignore the dishes and laundry for the chance to have my seven year old read me a book or walk to the park.

I will treat my whole self as a valuable person who needs care, love, and support as much as the people around me. Which means admitting when I need help or a shoulder to cry on, instead of bottling everything up.


New Kellogg Products: Brown Rice Krispie Squares and Nutri Grain Bars #giveaway #sponsor (09/17 CAN)

There are few items I can count on my daughter eating without getting sick of them. Kelloggs Rice Krispies cereal and treats are on our list of favourite things. She has the cereal almost everyday for breakfast and we make the classic recipe treats about once a week. I was excited to try the new Brown Rice Krispie Squares, and can honestly say my girl didn't notice a difference in them compared to the original product.  Kelloggs Canada sent me a back to school care package with new products to taste, and are kind enough to give one to one of my Canadian readers.

New product (full size) sampler:

Nutri Grain bars Fruit and Nut Bars, available in Orchard Cherry and Blueberry varieties. They aren't nut-free school friendly, but have found a home in my own lunch bag. With 3 grams of fibre, they are filling and satisfy my mid afternoon sweet tooth cravings.

Brown Rice Rice Krispie Squares contain 8 g of whole grain per serving (20 g) and have the same soft texture and classic taste that make Rice Krispie Squares our favourite snack.

I like that Rice Krispie squares are school lunch friendly and can be a sweet treat to accompany a healthy lunch- I usually pack my daughter's bag with fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, and popcorn.

Here's to a healthy school year with no wasted lunches!

Backpack and Kelloggs Product Sampler

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Reflections On The Big 4-0

Summer 2016
This is what 41 looks like on a good day. I am mature enough
to say that I can love myself in the face of disappointing life goal "failures"
and focus of my blessings instead.
I turned 40 last August, and hit another birthday this week. This year was much less emotional than last. As I approached 40, I was filled with regret and remorse for not achieving even half of my life goals, set by my pie eyed, twenty year old self. This year I am resigned to being 41, in my forties, middle aged, fat and forty.  This may sound cynical, but really, I am past my coming of age induced depression, and am looking at life differently. I haven't accomplished the goals set 20 years ago, but have been successful in many other ways. The first time I had an age induced crisis, was in my teens. The teen years nearly killed me, literally. I almost didn't survive it. So when I finally grew wings at 19, and had a transformational year that birthed dreams, goals, and a life plan. I flew with it and had some of the best years of my life. Nothing in life has been as easy as the years between 19- 24, seemed.

The one thing I would tell my 20 year old (know it all) self, make goals but roll with the changes when life doesn't work the way you hoped or planned.  Also, don't burn your bridges. I prided myself in cutting out toxic people or situations, but lacked the grace to be humble about it. I burned a lot of bridges, and was judgmental. I would tell my twenty year old self to keep the confidence and independence, but temper it with grace and humility. But chances are, I wouldn't have listened anyway...

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