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Cupcake Cones #KidsInTheKitchen #Recipes

Over the years I have seen cute photos of cupcakes baked into ice cream cones. I decided to try it for myself over Easter holiday, and again this week. After reading a few recipes, I didn't find the information I was looking for so had to figure a few things out on my own. My first question was; how do you keep the cones from falling over in the oven? I wrapped the cones in aluminum foil to pad their bottoms, then placed them in a muffin tin. I wondered how much batter to pour into my cone? I filled them to different levels to see how they would turn out. Here is my final method, it's not quite a recipe because I used a boxed vanilla cake mix and prepared icing, but added my own vanilla extract flavour to the batter and food colour to the icing.
My girl asked for chick decorations on the cupcakes. The icing did wonders in hiding the uneven baking result from my first attempt.
Cupcake Cones. 1 box Cake mix, prepared 24 flat bottom, unsweetened cones 24 strips of aluminum foil Muffin…

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