Monday, July 27, 2015

New Vector Products from Kelloggs Aim To Kick Hunger and Fuel Your Active Life. #Sponsor (CAN/08/12)

To meet the needs of today’s ambitious, active Canadians, we’ve recently launched NEW Vector Granola Honey Almond Flavour - with 20g of protein, 5g of fibre, and 10 vitamins and minerals per serving. Kelloggs Press Release July 2015
Valued at approximately $45

I consider myself an active person, I live a kilometer away from my bus stop so am guaranteed to walk two km just to get to work and home again every week day. I am always looking for food to take with me for my commute and to fuel my busy day as a Registered Early Childhood Educator (this means I am on my feet for 8 hours a day caring for 10 children ages 6 months to 18 months).

Kelloggs Canada recently sent me some new Vector products to try. So far the Vector Protein bars have been devoured by my family, I got to try the Vector Granola all to myself. I sprinkled it in my yogurt the first day and tried a half cup serving with almond milk the next day. It was delicious and filling either way and it helped fight off the mid-morning food cravings because Vector Granola is packed with 20 grams of protein per 63 gram serving! My dietitian gave me good advice when I was trying to kick my sweet tooth, protein helps curb cravings and helps give you energy to keep active. Sugary snacks (donuts, cookies, etc) give you false energy and then you crash, looking for more sugar to boost your energy levels.

This week I am going to boost my workout sessions, so need to add more protein to my menu. I will be trying the Vector Energy bars as a source of fuel for my extra activity. They boast 9 grams of protein per bar. I have hidden the Chocolate Chip flavour for myself.

Follow me on instagram/mimishumblepie to track my Vector product review this week.

Have you tried Kelloggs Vector?  
I am giving away a prize pack to one blog reader.

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Disclosure: I received product for review. Please consult your own doctor/dietitian for health advice. All opinions remain honest and my own, for anecdotal purposes only.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Exotic Scents For Summer and A New Mosquito Repelling Formula @LampeBerger_CAN #summer #Lampeberger

Tis the season for picnics and our favourite picnic lunch includes devilled eggs. I also cook with onions and garlic almost everyday.  My girl got home from school last week hours after I had made some boiled eggs and said, "Eww, what's that smell?" I lit my Lampe Berger lamp and it really helps remove the air odours left over from cooking. 

Daring Pepper helped remove the smell of devilled eggs in my kitchen.
Any scent will work, even Neutral, since the catalytic wick helps
purify the air in just 20 minutes.
I recently received two new summer fragrances to try out. Exotic Cocktail and Daring Pepper, both available in the 500ml and 180 ml sizes.
Exotic Cocktail is my absolute favourite scent this summer, with sweet hints of
pineapple and coconut, and balanced with musk. Daring Pepper reminded
me of my favourite summer salad at first- where the main ingredients are Raspberries and black pepper.  As it burns I sense it is balanced with something else- Lampe Berger
product information lists cordovan leather in the bottom notes.
I keep the Exotic Cocktail in Lampe
 my main bathroom. It smells like a fresh summer
 pineapple coconut 
drink without the calories.
Also available, is a new mosquito repelling formula called Summer Night with Ocean Breeze scent. This is the next scent on my must-try list.  All the fragrances mentioned in this post are available to buy in a 500 ml bottle for $24 (MSRP) and limited edition trial size 180 ml bottle for $10 (MSRP).

Connect with Lampe Berger:

Disclosure: I am a Lampe Berger Ambassador and receive occasional perks in exchange for social media promotion. All opinions remain honest and my own.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NEW @HerbalEssences #Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Collection {Product Review} #BzzAgent #Sponsor

Look for the NEW Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Collection —
as well as the Wild Naturals Detoxifying and Illuminating Collections —
at your local Loblaws or Real Canadian Superstore.
Suggested prices for the shampoos, conditioners,  treatments and starter kits
range from $5.99–$13.99

Brushing dry tangles can hurt the scalp and break hair strands.
Every morning is met with the same battle. "Don't comb my hair today mommy, just leave it."  I can't in good conscience send my girl to school with hair pictured in the left hand side above.  No matter how carefully we comb her hair, or make sure it is dry before bed, we wake up to tangles and tears.  I've tried the de-tangler spray sold for kids, it is either too perfumey or doesn't work without entirely saturating the hair.  I used the NEW Wild Naturals Herbal Essences Oil Elixir spray and a wet brush.  The results are pictured in the right side photo above.  We use the spray a few days a week now, after her hair is washed and before we blow dry. Her hair is noticeably easier to comb and appears softer.

Have you tried any of the new Wild Naturals products yet?

Disclosure: I received product to aid my review. All opinions remain honest and my own. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grad Gifts Worth Celebrating Plus Contest and Giveaway @Hallmark_Canada #Sponsor #LoveHallmark

I can't believe my girl is having her first graduation. I never really understood the purpose of Kindergarten grads since they still have 12 years of school to finish, but now that we are prepping for one next month, we're excited to celebrate how much she has grown in her first two years of school. Here is a glimpse of her journey from age four to almost six.
Preparing for first day of JK
September 2013

Special supper after First day of SK.
September 2014
Kindergarten Grad Photos
April 2015

"What?! This is a bear for me?"
She is excited to bring her Autograph Bear
to the grad in June and get her Teachers and friends to
sign it.
Hallmark Canada will help us capture the memories of this special year with a graduation themed frame (pictured below) and Autograph Bear with permanent marker for personalization.

Frame retails for $12.95 and holds a 4x6 photo.
More sentiments are available.
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Hallmark will be hosting a contest until June 14 for a chance to win 1 of 4 $250 Disney prize packs!

Entering is simple
  • Go online to
  • Enter your personal info and hit "Enter" 

As an added bonus, you will receive a special offer from Hallmark just for entering.  Plus, you can enter daily, which increases your chances of winning!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bringing Fun to Your Kellogg's Cereal With the Spoon Straw Promo #Sponsor

Disclosure: I receive occasional perks as part of my involvement in the Kelloggs Blog Community. All opinions remain honest and my own.

It's no secret that we buy cereal in bulk and eat it everyday.  Our pantry is full of cereal and we were thrilled to open a new gift from Kellogg's Canada...a full set of Spoon Straws.  Featuring five different designs to match the box decor of our five favourite Kellogg's cereals; Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, and Krave. Yes, that was in order of our most favourite variety to our least favourite (Please note that Krave is by no means on our naughty list.  I prefer to eat Krave on it's own as an afternoon treat without milk).

My girl was first to try our set of Spoon Straws and has claimed them as her own. After trying each spoon in succession over two bowls of Rice Krispies, she announced that the different decals don't effect Spoon Straw performance- "It just gives you something different to look at."  I now send them in her school lunch bag so she can eat/drink her cereal without losing my silverware. These fun plastic spoons are available for free in specially marked boxes, for a limited time.

Grab one or five, before they are gone!

Please visit for more product and promo information.
Kellogg's wants to bring fun to breakfast. Do you love breakfast or skip it?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunshine and Darkness. #Life

 This picture above was taken on my first Mother's Day as a mom, May 2010.  I see the smiling face 
and know it is hiding many fears and inner battles, but the joy
of holding my sweet girl was real.
I know this should have been a Mother's Day post, but life is not always as easily planned out as we like. I'm busy as a full time teacher, Mom, wife, volunteer, and member of my local church community.  Being separated from my Mom and grandmother on Mother's Day weighs heavy on my heart and I have a hard time being joyful. I don't need condolences, they are alive, but living many kilometers away on the other side of the country.  It's been this way for 20 years and never gets easier. Each holiday brings me sadness and depression, so much so, that it's taken me two weeks to write this post (or any blog post at all).  I did send tokens of appreciation to mark the occasion, but nothing truly replaces or fills the day to day absence of physical contact.

This long distance family situation has taught me that our loved ones are precious, even if we don't always agree or see each other as much as we want.  I know people who live in the same city as their mother yet continue to choose estrangement because the relationship is strained. Guess what? Relationships are hard. Parenting is hard. Finding your way in the Adult/Child mine field can be hard. Dig in and make it work.

I look at my girl, now almost six, and hope that the teen and adult years will not pull her too far away from my orbit. I was an independant child, teen, and adult who went as far away as money and resources would allow 20 years ago. I settled in Ontario and lived care-free until I had my girl.  She brought tremendous joy but her sunshine cast a spotlight on the empty places that I wish my family could fill.

Have you had to cope with long distance relationships?