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Mother's Day Gift Ideas with Giveaway (05/18 CAN) #LoveHallmarkCA #AD

Hallmark Canada didn't disappoint when they shipped me a selection of Mother's Day gifts.  Here are my top three Spring themed products from Hallmark.

With the Noah's Ark type rainy weather these last two weeks, I have been trying out my new Umbrella, with Springtime Petals design (pictured top right in the photo). When folded, the umbrella was a smidge longer than my old purse sized umbrella,  but when paired with the matching fabric tote, it transports perfectly. Catalina Estrada Design Umbrella $24.95

I have many bags and totes, but my new Catalina Estrada fabric tote is a fast favourite. It matches my umbrella, and is deep enough to transport my lunch as well as odds and ends I bring back and forth to work. It is not waterproof, as I found out this week, but dried overnight when I emptied it and hung it in my bathroom with the dehumidifier on, The handles are long enough to fit comfortably over my shoulder but not too long to carry by hand.
Catalina Estrada Design Spri…

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