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Tis the season for picnics and our favourite picnic lunch includes devilled eggs. I also cook with onions and garlic almost everyday.  My girl got home from school last week hours after I had made some boiled eggs and said, "Eww, what's that smell?" I lit my Lampe Berger lamp and it really helps remove the air odours left over from cooking. 

Daring Pepper helped remove the smell of devilled eggs in my kitchen.
Any scent will work, even Neutral, since the catalytic wick helps
purify the air in just 20 minutes.
I recently received two new summer fragrances to try out. Exotic Cocktail and Daring Pepper, both available in the 500ml and 180 ml sizes.
Exotic Cocktail is my absolute favourite scent this summer, with sweet hints of
pineapple and coconut, and balanced with musk. Daring Pepper reminded
me of my favourite summer salad at first- where the main ingredients are Raspberries and black pepper.  As it burns I sense it is balanced with something else- Lampe Berger
product information lists cordovan leather in the bottom notes.
I keep the Exotic Cocktail in Lampe
 my main bathroom. It smells like a fresh summer
 pineapple coconut 
drink without the calories.
Also available, is a new mosquito repelling formula called Summer Night with Ocean Breeze scent. This is the next scent on my must-try list.  All the fragrances mentioned in this post are available to buy in a 500 ml bottle for $24 (MSRP) and limited edition trial size 180 ml bottle for $10 (MSRP).

(Updated post from June 2015)

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