Home Made Halloween Tricks and A Few Treats #FamilyActivities

We are ready for Halloween. Instead of a store bought costume this year, we went with a theme - BAT. Then we collected items we had already; black long sleeve tee shirt, black leggings, and a Toothless the Dragon hat with glow in the dark eyes. The only thing we had to buy, was the bat wing cape (even though I could have made it with fabric).  Thrift shopping is great for finding bed sheets and tablecloths to use in costume and craft activities. I found a warm black hoodie for her wear as part of her Trick or Treating excursion, at our local Value Village for $3.

As you can tell from this picture, my little dragonette didn't want to wear the all black items we have collected for her costume. 
Instead, she went for shades of grey and plaid! I made most of my own costumes as a kid, and only remember one store bought costume- the plastic apron costumes of the 70's or 80's, with the plastic mask that you couldn't see or breath through. I'm sure I was a clown, which would explain the long lasting phobia years later. If I see one of those creepy clown people pranking our city, I might have to throw frozen eggs at them.

We would love to know what your costumes will be this year? Do you make your own, or buy them?

Check out my two favourite Fall treats 
before you go!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions remain honest and genuinely my own.


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