New DVD Releases from @Hasbro and Shout Factory Kids #Giveaway (US/CAN 03/10/17) #ad

Earlier this month, Shout! Kids collaborated with Hasbro to release some of my daughters favourite shows on DVD. They gave me a copy of each one to giveaway.

Sinister king cobras! Comedy festivals! Pet hotels! And a monkey on Mars?! It's all here, as Blythe and her best friends – Russell the Hedgehog, Pepper the Skunk, Zoe the Spaniel, Minka the Monkey, Sunil the Mongoose, Penny the Panda and Vinnie the Gecko – share one outrageous adventure after another in The Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars.

When a mysterious iceberg is spotted off the coast of Griffin Rock, it brings both danger and the interest of an old nemesis. On a nature hike, the Rescue Bots team will have to battle escaped snakes. And when the Burns family is stranded at sea by a swarm of jellyfish, the Bots must control miniature souvenir replicas of themselves. Enjoy these adventures and more in Transformers Rescue Bots: Protect and Explore.

Join Twilight Sparkle, everypony's favorite studious princess, and her very best friends – Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Spike – as they explore the wondrous arctic kingdom, the Crystal Empire.
These DVD's are available at most stores and online at
DVD Collection

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I received DVD's to aid my review and the sponsor will provide a copy of each DVD for my giveaway winner.


Judy Cowan said…
I would watch them with my nieces & nephews. Great selection of DVD's. (Judy Cowan)
Annie1 said…
I would love to watch these with my grandkids!
beth said…
I'd give these to my nieces.
Lee-Ann said…
I would share mine with my friends kids.
rebecca11111 said…
I would watch them with my nephews
Anonymous said…
I would watch with my niece! We love My Little Pony! (entered as Stephanie)
Anonymous said…
I would watch this with my kids!
Jenny said…
I'd watch with my 2 children

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