Sip and Play The #StarbucksForLife #Contest

This post will be short and to the point. I love coffee and am not loyal to any one brand or franchise and this is not a sponsored post. I stopped by Starbucks while Christmas shopping last week and wanted to try the new to me Starbucks app. After creating my free account and loading my ecard I found out they have a great contest in progress. #StarbucksForLife is easy to enter and can give you instant star rewards or virtual game play pieces. These game pieces can be collected daily and help you win free products for a year, a week, or for *life (one product a day for 30 years) if you win one of the grand prizes. A disclaimer in the rules and regulations states that purchases will not increase your chance of winning, so there is a way to compete for rewards without purchase. Scroll to the bottom of the landing page and look for the link for daily entry. Enter your details and Starbucks will email you a link to score a free play. I have collected 3 star rewards and two tokens for Starbucks for a week collection in just a few days. Visit for full contest specs.

 I can't offer #Starbucksforlife but I am including a $25 coffee gift card giveaway in my Holiday Gift Guide because it is my favourite gift to give and receive.  You can enter my giveaway here.


Wanda Tracey said…
I love to get my coffee at Tim Horton's.It's
so yummy there!! Thanks for the chance and
Merry Christmas!! :)

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