JJ the Jumping Pug and Torch My Blazin Dragon @hasbro {giveaway link} #HolidayGiftGuide2016

I need to start by saying this post is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone.  My family genuinely loves FurReal Friends by Hasbro.com and we have a few in our toy closet. My daughter has a grey kitten that walks (don't remember the name as it's from two or three years ago) and JJ the Jumping Pug from last Christmas. I have ordered Pax the Poopin Pup for my 6 year old niece and Torch My Blazin Dragon as my 7 year olds Santa present.

Image from hasbro.com

JJ is cute. She got it from granny in NL last Christmas and was thrilled with it. His fur is super soft and he is interactive depending on whether you pat his nose or back. JJ jumps up on his back legs, sits, and makes a variety of sounds. He is soft enough to hug and carry but teaches my girl to be gentle as he has moving parts that she knows won't work properly if crushed or dropped. Even though she knows JJ is breakable, she's a kid and drops happen. JJ is still working and in good shape a year later. He retails for an average of $34- $40 and we have replaced his 4 AA demo batteries once.

I wasn't going to get her Torch this year but found her letter to Santa and realized she only asked for two things, one of them was Torch.

YouTube promo for Torch and Bootsie by Hasbro

I finished our Christmas shopping weeks ago, but chatted with my husband about getting Blaze after finding a lead on a great sale at amazon.ca over the weekend (it seems to be in the flyer this week too). I have priced Blaze from $79 to $110 since August and the best deal right now is $59 at toysrus you may be able to price match with the flyer, or using the flip app. I do know that he requires 4 C batteries, that aren't included.

So I can't do a full review on Torch My Blazin Dragon without having it in my hands yet, but wanted to post it in my gift guide because so many are looking for the alternative to the elusive hatchimal toys and classic nes console we cannot get our paws on.

For full product specifications and age recommendations please visit Hasbro.com.

If you would like to enter a giveaway for Torch, visit Tales of a Ranting Ginger

*prices were correct at time of posting, no guarantee given for availability by individual store.


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