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This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are genuinely my own.

It has been my goal to find real ways to promote kindness and philanthropy in our family.  I couldn't do a gift list without including gifts that give to people in need. I haven't told many people, but I have a close connection with receiving charity after a tragedy in my childhood. For the full story visit the post about a house fire 30 years ago and how community support was meaningful to me.  Here are a few ways we promote kindness and the spirit of giving.

We have a sponsor child in Thailand through Child Care Plus ERDO. Over 17 years, we have sponsored two children (our first sponsor son graduated out of the program and we requested another). We received our new child two years ago and give a set amount of money monthly to support his school fees and since he still lives with family, the money also helps provide family provisions.

We also have a sponsor teen in Malawi through Watoto Villiage Sponsorship. We were inspired by seeing the Watoto Children's Choir perform live, and encouraged by their joyful message. It is a sacrifice to sponsor a second child, but it was the right decision for us. We send a set amount of money every month to help pay for school fees and costs of living.  The Villiage is set up with homes and house mothers who care for a mixed age group of children who have been abandoned.

World Vision Gifts of Hope has been on my gift list over the years. In the past, I have gifted chickens in a family members name.  There are many people locally and around the world who need help with the basic life sustaining elements that we often take for granted. The gift of farm animals, fresh water systems, and education are just a few ways you can donate. You don't need to commit to a monthly sponsorship, a one time gift will help.

I can't forget how important it is to us to reach out locally. This year we are doing an Advent box, a new family tradition that will start this week. Basically you get a box and add non-perishable food items every day until Christmas. The full box will be delivered to a local food bank or church kitchen. We will end our Advent box on December 15 so the items can be distributed before Christmas.

I didn't write this post to pat myself on the back. I am a recovering shopaholic and have had a life changing experience with generosity as a child. After having my daughter I realized that Christmas couldn't continue to be about the obsession to have the nicest, most expensive presents under the tree.  I am conscious of the need to generate Kindness, it is a value I wish to promote in my daily life and hope to pass on this spirit of giving cheerfully to my children.


Paula Schuck said…
It doesn't really matter so much where you give but that you do so. Someone very high up at World Vision Canada told me that once and I feel like that's more reason why I support them as well. These are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I agree giving back is important and it's increasingly important that we do so with our children watching so they learn the same values.

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