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Here is a special coupon code GSHOT50 for you to get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). 

A few months ago I posted about my New Year's eye exam that resulted in me purchasing bifocals.  I lived with the new progressive lenses and became accustomed to them. Some days I felt like they were too strong for my day to day routine outside of work. As a teacher, bifocals were good- I didn't have to flip between readers and distance glasses 100 times a day. Outside of work, I found myself taking off the bifocals because I don't need to read while gardening, hiking, or watching television.  I decided to shop for single vision. I knew I wanted plastic frames instead of metal, and I needed something affordable, and pretty to fit my wide face. I had a bad experience buying single vision glasses from a well known online store this past summer. The lenses were so cloudy and blurry, I thought they must have had a removable plastic film on them for shipping, but they didn't. When approached me to do a review for a pair of their glasses, I decided to give them a chance.

The selection of glasses frames is good, and the search filter allows you to choose frames according to; width, type (round versus square), material (plastic/metal), whether the frames are good for single vision or bifocals, and gender (kids frames too).  I have fair skin colouring, so worried that the MACON frame would be too harsh for me, but it was the first one on my like list.  The 'try it on' function allows you to upload a photo of yourself to get a simulated view of the frames you like. This function really helped remove my doubts about ordering these glasses online. Each frame has a detailed description including width measurements.

Here is the box when it arrived. It was packed up neat and the glasses were secure in the case, wrapped in the lint free cleaning cloth. There was also a coupon for my next purchase. I will be buying a pair of  prescription sunglasses in the near future.

Verdict: I waited two weeks for my glasses, which is long compared to most things I buy online. The customer service was great, the product was exactly as described, and my prescription was correct.  I love the frames I chose and was impressed with the quality of frame and lenses. It is good to have a back up pair of glasses and to have a stylish pair to use outside of work.

Disclosure: I received compensation for this review. All opinions remain honest and my own genuine point of view.


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