Saturday Baking Tradition with Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake ovens have been around for decades. I remember having a toy oven with Holly Hobby on it when i was a girl. Saturday has become a baking day spent with my own girl. Sometimes we bake our favourite blueberry muffins, and other times we use her Easy Bake Oven. The refills can be pricey, so I sometimes reserve a few teaspoons of batter when I make a big cake. Placed in a greased Easy Bake pan and baked for 20 mins, to be decorated all by herself.

Ultimate Easy Bake Oven
With Cake Pop Refill Set
My girl is seven now, so she can read and follow the detailed recipe guide that comes with each refill kit. The Cake Pops are a little messy to roll but we chill the mixture in the fridge about 20 mins before rolling.  We chose not to use the reusable plastic sticks and display stand (that came in the refill), but they do make a cute addition.
Chocolate Cake Pops

Our pops were tasty, and we look forward to making them again. The refill kit retails for about $20 and came with ingredients to make two batches.

The oven can be found for about $100 and was a Christmas gift two years ago. I hope my girl has good memories of our Easy Bake afternoons, twenty years from now.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored nor endorsed. Easy Bake Oven is a trademarked name. This post is intended to be anecdotal, please follow product guidelines.


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