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BTS: The New Code Word That Inspires Six Year Old Wrath

My daughter doesn't want reminding that I will be pulling her out of bed two hours earlier in two weeks, so she won't even let me say "back to school". I have tried desperately to restart a bedtime routine for the last three weeks, but the "wiser than mom" six year old has decided that natural consequences will be in her future.  For all the times we don't agree, I'm reminded of the times we are alike. We both love to write, draw, and be creative.  Hallmark Canada has sent me a box of stationary products to get us ready for BTS. I have picked a few of my favourite items, but there are dozens more to choose, including colour and pattern variations. 

Parent/Teacher Picks:
 Notepad $5.95, Monthly Colouring Calendar Planner $14.95, Slim Journal, $11.95

School Ager Picks:
My girl is going to grade 2 and I recently discovered a chewed up, pages missing, note pad that she has made into an informal diary. I have given her a notebook this week and encouraged her to use it as a place to write about herself, her school, or life in general. I have also given her a mini clipboard with note pad and a doodle pad.  This is perfect for us to write reminders to each other, and we like to doodle as we create.
Clipboard, small $9.95, Colouring Memo Pad $5.95, Notebooks, 3 pack, 4 x 6 $9.95

I am wishing you all a happy last week of school break, here in Canada. Some places are already past the first week/s hump, so kudos to you!

Disclosure: I receive products as part of my social media involvement with Hallmark Canada. All opinions are expressly my own. Prices may vary from USA/Canada markets.


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