Simple Crafts Using Mini A Canvas #PreschoolActivity #SchoolAgeActivity

These are two of my favourite activities that use mini canvases from my local Dollar Store. I use a
6 x 8 canvas for these activities but you can use a larger size if you like.

Craft List:

  • Printed photos of child, or colour printer
  • White glue
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • 6 x 8 canvas
  • Paint or coloured card stock paper cut to 6x8
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Podge (to seal the images when complete)

"Love You To Pieces"
For this one, coloured card stock paper was cut to 6x8 to cover the canvas, then glued to the canvas. Each child was asked to write something they love about their Dad/Loved One on a piece of paper, then a photo was snapped and printed by colour printer. The image was glued onto the canvas, and the child was given puzzle pieces to glue as a border. This is my favourite way to use up puzzles that have lost a piece and can no longer be used in the classroom. I used spray sealer to seal the images  in place, but liquid Podge can be used as well.  I needed a shorter dry time so used the spray.  Craft ribbon was taped to the back, for hanging.

"Blowing Kisses"
Blowing Kisses, would be great for a Preschool child. The 6 x 8 canvas was painted, allowed to dry.  A posed photo of each child was printed and cut out for them.  The image was glued to the dry canvas along with hearts shapes. Seal this craft with Podge and let dry thoroughly. This was given as is, it is suitable for framing, or can have ribbon taped to the back for hanging.


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