My Humble Candy Cake Recipe.

I have seen many pictures of cakes decorated with candy. I had a special birthday to bake for this weekend and made cupcakes. I usually bake the remaining batter to have a cake on hand in the freezer for last minute dessert ideas, but with the amount of candy we had from Easter celebrations, I decided to make a mini candy cake.
I had about 3 cups of batter left, so put it in a loaf pan and baked for 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees. Most candy cakes show a round cake as the base, but I don't have round pans and thought that the flat chocolate may fit better for me on a square cake.

When the cake cooled, I cut it in half then levelled out the bottom layer by slicing the rounded top. Now the cake is approximately 4 inch square.
I iced the whole cake liberally, and it didn't look very pretty yet.
I had two jumbo packs of Kit Kats (eleven sticks joined together) so divided them up to fit around the cake 6 sticks x 5 sticks and tied with a ribbon to hold in place. I piled 100 grams of mini eggs on top of the cake to fill in the void.

The end result was a cake that surprised even me. I'm not that good at making pretty food, delicious is easy, but pretty requires more patience than I normally have. This was a good size to start with and I may go ahead and attempt a larger version for the next special occasion we celebrate.


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