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Here we are only 8 weeks from Christmas, yes, I am counting already. I also have started my shopping. Though we have scaled back our spending for the last five years, I set a $25 dollar limit for most people on my list and stick to it.  I have already found a gift that is suitable for about 7 of the 10 people on my list, the Cube Fragrance Diffuser, and it fits my budget. There are ten fragrance diffuser scents available to choose from. I am testing the Amber Powder which is a spicy and warm scent for my bathroom. I have Orange Cinnamon on my must try list.
This chic cube fragrance diffuser retails for $25
"Product ready to use, filled with 125ml of the Amber Powder fragrance. This sensual fragrance begins with the subtlety of a rose, then offers an enjoyment of lily of the valley and vanilla scents, and finishes with a touch of captivating amber and patchouli. Fragrances guaranteed without any colourings. Refillable with the refill for bouquet parfumé 200ml." (Lampe Berger Canada, product description.)
The cube fragrance diffuser is my new favorite product from Lampe Berger. The top three things I love are:
  • Continuous fragrance. Just flip the reeds every 7 days or so to boost the scent that is being released in your room.
  • No flame or heat needed to operate, just pop the seal on the bottle when you get it home and insert the reeds. The scent is released as it is carried up into the reeds. Many of my friends and family compliment my Lampe Berger catalytic lamp but are afraid of the flame, and its not something you can keep lit 24 hours a day. This diffuser is a great way to get quality scent into your room, all day long.
  • Suitable and beautiful for every area of your home, or cottage. And giftable to everyone on your gift list.

There are more styles of diffusers available to purchase, including beautiful ceramic ones that I also have on my wish list. Lampe Berger also has the same scents available in a Room Spray format.

More product information is available on the Lampe Berger Canada Official Page.

You are also invited to Twitter follow Lampe Berger Canada.

Disclosure: I receive occasional perks as part of my participation in the Lampe Berger Canada Ambassador program.


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