Bringing Fun to Your Kellogg's Cereal With the Spoon Straw Promo #Sponsor

Disclosure: I receive occasional perks as part of my involvement in the Kelloggs Blog Community. All opinions remain honest and my own.

It's no secret that we buy cereal in bulk and eat it everyday.  Our pantry is full of cereal and we were thrilled to open a new gift from Kellogg's Canada...a full set of Spoon Straws.  Featuring five different designs to match the box decor of our five favourite Kellogg's cereals; Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, and Krave. Yes, that was in order of our most favourite variety to our least favourite (Please note that Krave is by no means on our naughty list.  I prefer to eat Krave on it's own as an afternoon treat without milk).

My girl was first to try our set of Spoon Straws and has claimed them as her own. After trying each spoon in succession over two bowls of Rice Krispies, she announced that the different decals don't effect Spoon Straw performance- "It just gives you something different to look at."  I now send them in her school lunch bag so she can eat/drink her cereal without losing my silverware. These fun plastic spoons are available for free in specially marked boxes, for a limited time.

Grab one or five, before they are gone!

Please visit for more product and promo information.
Kellogg's wants to bring fun to breakfast. Do you love breakfast or skip it?


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