Happy New Year! Trying to Kick the Flu Season While Building Fun Giveaways and Posts for 2015!

Yes I know the NEW Year is two weeks old and I'm very late in offering best wishes and such. Since Boxing Day we have all taken turns being sick with one illness or another. The final one being a semi-emergency since we found out the hard way that my girl is allergic to penicillin. The twoonie sized welts and swollen face gave it away after her afternoon dose yesterday. It was only her third time having antibiotics in five years so we probably would have found out sooner. Since she is getting back to her cheeky self I have locked myself away to deal with the 200 emails and try to get my blog back on track for 2015.

I have several projects in the works for Valentine's and have reconnected with Hallmark Canada as an Ambassador for 2015. Here's to my third year on their blogger panel!

Now for some shameless self promotion, I give myself a free-pass once or twice a year. Please connect with me in my other social profiles to keep up to date on new posts and giveaways coming soon.






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