Preschool Activity: Wind Socks #Recycle #Reuse

 I'm sure there are a hundred different ways to make wind socks. They are usually made with fabric but I collect water bottles to use for many crafts and came up with a way to make a type of wind sock with empty bottles.
Materials used:

  • Empty water bottle with the bottom cut off. Use a single hole punch to put holes near the bottom of the bottle.
  • Colourful Ribbon cut in 20 inch strings. These will make the “tails” of the wind sock.
  • Sparkly mactac cut to cover the circumference of the bottle.
  • Twine, tied around the neck of the bottle to hang it in the tree.
Learning outcome for preschoolers:
Observation skills- Looking at the effects of wind on objects.

Visual stimulation- Bright colours help cheer up the outdoor play space in absence of leaves, greenery and flowers.


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