Peek A Boo Jars #PreschoolActivities #Recycle #Reuse

These jars cost $2-3, have tight fitting lids and a clear lid that
magnifies objects placed in side.
I have three plastic bug catcher jars purchased inexpensively from the dollar store. They usually go back into storage when summer leaves and the bugs go away.  Since they have large see-through lids that magnify objects, I figured they would be good to hold objects or images any time of year.

  1. If used for bugs, wash the bug catchers with warm, soapy water and dry with a towel. 
  2. I took photographs of the children in my classroom and cropped them, then taped them inside. *You can crowd the images for older children to offer more of a challenge. I used four 2x2 images (one on bottom, three spaced around inner circumference) for my 6 months to 17 months group.
  3. Repeat the process using images cut from magazines or books that are missing pages or too damaged to keep on your shelf. Or place smaller objects inside so the children can look at them without putting them in their mouth (feathers, rocks, pine cones, plastic bugs, and poms poms are some of our favourite items to put in shaker bottles).
Learning Outcomes:

Visual discrimination: As the children look at images of familiar faces and see how they change in the magnifier.

Cognition: As children look at familiar objects grouped in a collage and sort them out visually/mentally.


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