Seven Days Of Gratitude Challenge. #7Cards7Days and #HallmarkPressPause

I am a fan of traditional, old-fashioned, thank you notes and I still mail Christmas cards annually even though it seems to be falling out of fashion for some.  Hallmark Canada challenged me to send out 7 Cards in 7 Days as part of their Share the Love campaign. I decided it was a perfect chance to get my five year old involved in sending thank you's to people who have been generous and kind to us this summer while on vacation.

Thank you list:

  1. Gramma S. for looking after our kitty while on vacation.
  2. Miss Amanda for taking care of G this summer while hubby and me worked.
  3. Granny and Poppy in Newfoundland for taking good care of us on vacation.
  4. Auntie L and 
  5. Auntie C for the the rides to and from the airport.
  6. Auntie D for the vacation sleep overs and swims.
  7. Haddie the new pen pal for sending a birthday present.

Instilling acts of gratitude in young children can help foster caring and compassion.  It's also a great way to practice printing without calling it homework.


10 blank cards from Hallmark’s Sarah Richardson Collection 

These lovely note cards are available for one reader to win so they can share the love too.

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Disclosure: As part of the Hallmark Canada Press Pause panel, I receive occasional perks. All opinions on this blog remain honest and my own.


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