The Road Less Travelled #Family #Vacation #Newfoundland

This trip was on my bucket list.  Cape Norman Lighthouse was built in 1871 and operated by the Campbell Family since 1890. I am descended from this family through my maternal great-great-grandmother. Getting there was a once in a life time experience due to the remote location.  Cape Norman, NL is the north most point on Newfoundland and accessible through route 435.  Be prepared for about 20 kilometers of gravel road, no rest stops, cell phone service, or creature comforts of any kind. Hang on to your kids, there is a sheer drop off the cliff into frothy ocean below.

Fishing Point Lookout, St. Anthony, NL.
This was a much more family friendly excursion.  It features well maintained walking trails, and the most delicious seafood at the Lightkeeper's Restaurant (aka bathroom that doesn't require an emergency pit stop in moss). In certain months , icebergs will be visible and occassionally whales.  We booked a whale watching tour while in St Anthony, but that will be in another post.

Road Trip Survival Kit:

small toys
granola bars (no chocolate for the summer months as it's a melty mess)
bottled water
wet wipes
roll of toilet paper
hand sanitizer
changes of clothes


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