Dolphins, Whales, and Icebergs OH MY! #Family #Vacation #Newfoundland

credit: Northland Discovery Boat Tours, St. Anthony NL

I was born in Newfoundland but don't remember doing tourist type activities while living on the island. Now that I travel back almost every year (since 1995), I yearn to explore the beauty that is laid out on every corner of my homeland. We started planning our trip in April, and searched the Newfoundland tourism site for ideas. My girl is turning five this month and has been asking to visit the dolphins in a certain theme park for her birthday. Since we had planned vacation in Newfoundland during the month of August, it doesn't leave much time for road trips when we return. We decided to cross at least one item off our bucket list while visitIng NL this year. We booked a whale watching boat tour. It meant a 7 hour drive north, to reach our goal. It was worth the drive!
We saw many dolphins frolicking and playing near the boat and two iceburgs while out on our two hour tour.  I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience. It was moderately affordable-$160 (tax included)  for a family of three and found Northland Discover Boat Tours is a very professionally run business.  I have to admit I was terrified at the thought of bringing my petite four year old on the ocean but was assured that Northland Boat Tours has been operating with Canadian Coast Guard Safety Certification and is fully equipped with all the safety gear needed in an emergency.

Travel Tip:
When we first called to enquire about the boat tour, they gave us some great advice...dress the kids for winter and book the boat tour early in your trip in case it has to be rebooked due to inclement weather. Also, pack a waterproof camera that can take video as well (it's harder to capture moving creatures with still photography). The salt water spray caused our camera to malfunction but we did manage to capture some video of dolphins swimming near our boat.

Disclosure:  This post is not sponsored nor endorsed, merely an anecdotal account of my summer adventures.


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