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 A few weeks ago I received these imPress nail kits and was putting off actually trying them.  I figured it would take me forever and I don't have a tonne of down time.  I don't even have time to wait for nail polish to dry. The imPress press on manicure kits are made by Broadway nails and as far as I'm concerned, are the next best thing to acrylic nails from my local salon/spa.  I actually gave up getting acrylic nails because I got a nasty infection and they also destroyed my nail beds. It took me months to get healthy nails once the acrylics came off 6 years ago.
 Here are my sad nails before the manicure application.  They are healthy but rarely grow long enough for a manicure to be worth my money.  I actually followed the easy steps outlined on the product sleeve, and lined up all ten imPress nails before starting. Prep your nails by wiping with the enclosed wipe pad and begin application (start with your pinky fingers and end with your thumbs). Peel the plastic backing off the nail and apply firmly to your clean nail. Repeat the process with each nail and wait at least ten minutes before getting your nails wet.
My nail design was called HOTTIE and were in the medium length range.  I would choose designs in the short range when I purchase in the future as they got in the way of some fine motor dexterity. I love the way these nails are packaged in the faux nail polish bottle with twist off lid. You could toss these in your purse or luggage and not worry about them falling out of their bottle.

The package suggested up to a week of wear. They lasted 5 days for me (the thumbs came off first) which was 4 days longer than I predicted as I work in an all day child care setting and have to wash my hands no less than 80 times a day-no exaggeration. The remaining nails took a little longer to remove. The packaging suggested a soak in nail polish remover before attempting removal. I tried to pry off gently and if I felt resistance I re-soaked to help soften them even more. My nail beds were just as smooth and healthy after removal as they were before.

Verdict: These nails were as easy to apply as promised. I would definitely use them again for a special event or if I'm on vacation and want a pretty manicure.

Disclosure: I received these complimentary nail kits as part of the Influenster Vox Box Community. All opinions on this blog remain honest and my own.


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