Easy Peanut-Free Valentine Gifts for JK/SK #kindermom

I used Kinder Surprise eggs, pencils, erasers, and stickers to fill treat bags. These peanut free treats are a perfect giveaway.

A tip to boost literacy skills and save the teachers sanity: Consider this advice from a teacher who has (over the course of 13 years) sorted Valentines's for 30 children who are excited/tired/can't read all their friends names yet. When your child brings home a class list- don't use it to write out the names of each child in the class. When they are old enough to do this themselves, they will be old enough to sort the Valentine's themselves in class.  I got my 4 year old to write her own name in the FROM section of the Valentine cards only. This gives her 32 chances to print her name and makes it easier for handing out Valentines during the party.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Kinder Canada blogging community and receive occasional perks. All opinions remain honest and my own.


monica hayward said…
yes, when they kids are too young to read all the names, just leave it blank - been on hand to help with the sorting…. and it's tedious!!!! plus - if the children's names aren't on it, your little one can hand them out his/herself! yeah!!!!

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