Wall Art 101 {Preschool Activities}

Never underestimate the value of a good level!
This activity was inspired by the wall art I've seen in designer stores.  Selling for up to a few hundred dollars for the more elaborate ones, I decided to price out the do-it-yourself method. I scored 16x20 canvases at my local dollar store for $3 a piece, the acrylic paint and rollers I had at home already (both from the dollar store on previous purchases) and got the peel and stick words for $1 a pack. The painting portion of this activity was a perfect chance to bring out the budding artist in my four year old.

 I cut the phrases into smaller sections and
tried a few different arrangements before painting the canvases and
sticking the words down permanently.

I wanted a marbled look using two metallic paint colours. The perfect job for little hands. Extra paint was blotted off with paper towel. Allow to air dry for at least 2 hours before applying the letters. 

Tips and Tricks:  This project took twice as long as I expected (to apply the letters). Patience required!


monica hayward said…
now i want to see the finished product!!!!!

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