Introducing Kellogg's Vitamin D Fortified Cereal: Combating the Dreary Winter Blahs.

My very favourite cereal has just
got a vitamin D upgrade!
"Did you know that over 85% of Canadian children are not meeting the estimated requirements for dietary vitamin D?"

As someone who suffers from seasonal depression brought on by the darker winter days, I was thrilled to receive a Winter Sunshine Kit from Kellogg's. It held three boxes of the new vitamin D fortified cereal and an alarm clock with a light. I'll chat more about the light in a future post, but the cereal was a welcome addition to my pantry. Increasing my vitamin D intake is part of the advice given by my doctor to combat seasonal depression brought on by winter's dreary days. And since we all have a hard time taking supplements in pill form in this family, eating vitamin D enriched cereal we already love is easy peasy.

"To help Canadians get enough of the sunshine vitamin, Kellogg Canada has fortified 13 of it's most loved cereals with 20% of Health Canada's recommended daily intake of vitamin D."

When a half cup of milk is added to these Kellogg's vitamin D cereals, a single bowl can give up to 45% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake.  I know my family hasn't cared either way that the cereal was enriched since the box contents have disappeared entirely without a peep. Eating this cereal, along with other vitamin D rich foods is a great way to boost our vitamin D intake without having to swallow a pill.

Did you know?
...Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium.
...only 68% of Canadians have sufficient vitamin D blood levels.
...Kellogg Canada is the leading producer of ready to eat cereal in Canada and they are committed to easing hunger through their Breakfasts for Better Days initiatives.

Please visit for product information and news on Kellogg's commitment to supporting Canadian children and their families.

Disclosure: I receive occasional perks as part of my involvement with the Kellogger's Blogger Community. All opinions remain honest and my own. This is intended to be an anecdotal account and in no way should replace advice and care given by a qualified Medical Professional.


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