Are You Lucky? Enter @KinderCanada Crack N' Win Contest #KinderMom

I believe I can make my own luck with some hard work and research. Friends are always raving about the great deals I find in stores and online. My latest in store deal was finding large rolls of gift wrap for 25 cents a roll! And they weren't only Christmas designs, my favourites were the pink wrap, purple wrap, and pretty brown wrap with coffee mugs. I bought enough to last me for years!

I don't really consider myself a lucky person. That's not to say that nothing nice has ever happened, but contests, lotteries, and giveaways tend to be a waste of time because the prizes find a home with other people. It's just as well I'm not eligible to win with the Kinder Canada Crack n' Win contest, I'd much rather enjoy the Kinder Surprises they sent me and promote this ongoing event to my friends and readers.

Our favourite new 2014 toy so far is the inflatable ball!

 After you've eaten your chocolate and played with the toy, check for the unique pin located on the toy or the paper leaflet in the egg. Entering the Crack n' Win contest is easy peasy:
Once you’ve found your code, simply visit the Kinder® Canada Facebook Page, enter your PIN code along with some additional information as required, and click “Check Your PIN”. Enter 5 unique pins a week until July 31, 2014. Full rules and regs can be found here.

There are some great prizes available- one lucky Kinder® fan could drive away in a Fiat 500 POP! As well, 2 lucky Kinder® fans could win a family trip to Orlando!  27,000 Kinder® fans could win a family night out to the movies, and 201,000 fans could win a free Kinder® treat! Sounds fab to me!!
Have fun and play nice!

 “Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. Image credits: Kinder Canada Facebook


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