Teaching Our Little One's To Give #Kindermom #AJoyToShare

My girl has been battling sickness for the last two weeks and is finally on the mend. Yesterday she said "mommy I haven't had a treat for a looooong time. I wish we still had some princess eggs left."  I went into my secret stash of Kinder products and gave her the Kinder tree with 2 Kinder Surprise eggs inside. This brightened her mood quite a bit as we haven't been able to go out in the last 9 days other than to doctor's appointments. Giving her a treat was motivated by my first principle of philanthropy- do kind acts whenever possible.

We really have been forced to get back to the roots of what Christmas means to us as a family while we deal with unemployment and the financial limits. These have been the happiest Christmases inspite of the lack of flashy gifts piled under the tree. Every year we collect gently used toys and clothing to donate before Christmas, and every holiday really. Last year we started to do a countdown to Christmas with weekly tasks to spread kindness.  Some of the things we did include; give a toy to a local toy drive, donate food to the food bank, and make our own treats to share with the people that had helped us move.

I recently learned that Kinder is working with the Children's Miracle Network to spread some Holiday joy.
For the second year, KINDER®has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network with the “A Joy To Share”program.  The “A Joy to Share” program is one of the ways KINDER® is helping bring joy to families this holiday season. As families come together this holiday, it is a wonderful opportunity to teach our little ones (and loved ones) about what it means to help others.  This isn’t just a donation – but a call to action for Canadian families to create a greeting card as a means to share some holiday joy to children and their families at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals this holiday season.
Using the "A Joy To Share" app to create a personal greeting is easy and Kinder Canada will donate $1 for every greeting created (total goal for the campaign is $25,000). We customized a card and saved it as a reminder that it is better to give than to receive.  And we discussed how blessed we are to be healthy - colds are normal, but their are children living with more serious illnesses that could use some cheer. What a great way to start the Holiday Season!

“Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and Ireceive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”


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