Hallmark Canada and Unicef Partner to Make This A Survivable Season. #PressPausePanel

photo credit: Unicef Canada Press Photo Gallery
"It is better to give than to receive."
I know I say this a lot, but it is my main motivation in life to live this principle in my daily life and to teach this principle to my girl. I'm not exaggerating when I say my family has been living below the poverty line for the last 2 years. I have to get creative in finding ways to give when I don't have any disposable income to donate.  So I find time to volunteer- my time is just as precious as my money, so is transferable as currency in my opinion.  Another way to give back to my community is to donate gently used clothing and household items to local churches and community centers.

For those that are able to donate money and want to see it go to practical items that promote survival in needy children. Unicef is a worthy (non-governmental) organization with 50 years experience in reaching out to children all over the world.

Press Release from my friends at Hallmark:

One of Hallmark’s partners UNICEF as they have added some very special gifts this Holiday Season to their year-round Survival Gifts collection. A UNICEF Survival Gift is a life-saving and life-changing item essential to child survival and development for the most vulnerable children in the world. When you purchase a Survival Gift, that gift is sent directly to that child.

This year, shop UNICEF’s gifts that change the lives of children in need all over the world:

*New Gift* Rehabilitate a Child Soldier

*New Gift* Prevent a Child from Drowning

Water Purification Tablets

Plumpy’Nut®  is a peanut-based paste used to treat severe acute malnutrition

Bed Nets to prevent malaria

Disclosure: As a Hallmark Press Pause Panel member, I receive occasional perks. All opinions on this blog remain honest and my own.


saskmom said…
What a great idea! Something for the person who has everything!
flowerchild23 said…
What a great program. I agree time volunteering is just as good as money, because not everyone can afford to give money.

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