Rainy Day Box {JK & SK Activities}

Bottle Tops with Foam Stickers make great stampers
for paint or washable ink pads.
Borrowed from Pinterest.
I am a resource teacher which means I can show up for work and be bumped between four classrooms as needed.  I have a fabric tote bag and a medium size clear plastic tote full of activities and materials. I have been doing an after-school program for the JK/SK children three days a week and have had to add to my box of tricks.  My child care center promotes a small group learning environment- whenever possible, teachers bring children to another area of the center or to the outdoor play space to implement activities with a small group of children.  Small groups help children get a chance to explore materials or listen to a song or book in a quiet, calm environment. They are more inclined to focus on the activity when they are not being distracted by the other 16 children in the room.  The idea was to have portable activities so I can pick up the bag and/or tote and find a quiet spot for me and my 8 children when it's raining or we need a small group break from the classroom.  Most of my items are found in the dollar store or already in our storage room waiting for children's interests to change.

Here is a list of what I normally keep in my bag:

seasonal books x 6

plain letter or legal size paper x 16

scotch tape x 2

embroidery thread x 8

paper plates x 16

markers x 12 pack washable

pencils x 8

wooden beads 

My plastic tote has:

hotwheels cars x 8

craft glue sticks x 4

small animals

child scissors x 4

Popsicle sticks


music Cd's

matching game

peanut free snacks and paper cups x 8

foam stampers 

This is not the end of my list, but is a good start. I surf Pinterest for inspiration and prowl the aisles of my local dollar every week for more affordable craft ideas.  Any other ideas for rainy day activities?


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