Celebrating Our Inner Princess (And Super Hero) #KINDERMOM

I have dreamed of being a Disney Princess my entire life and find myself singing some of their famous songs at random times. Now that my girl is able to sit long enough to enjoy a full length movie, we have had Disney princess movie marathons on weekends.  Today her favourite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Last week her favourite movie was Cinderella, and she has asked for a blue ball gown for Halloween.

The very first chocolate my girl ever had was a KINDER Surprise.  And it is still her number one request when she has the option of picking a treat at the store.  Since I am now a KINDER mom, we received a generous shipment of eggs and have quickly made our way through the ones with pink foil.  Of course movie marathons have to include treats!  We have found almost all the princesses (and quite a few doubles). We've had a tasty time searching, and celebrate with a happy dance when we find a new princess.
Two in three eggs will have a limited edition Princess Toy.
We are still searching for Belle and Ariel.
Speaking of celebrating, my parenting philosophy includes celebrating something positive every day. We've just come through a really rough patch while adjusting to JK and new work schedules. There were some really crummy days where it's hard to find a happy point when you've battled head-spinning tantrums ten nights in a row. I can't close my eyes at night without telling her at least one positive word of encouragement, even if it's "I know we'll have a better day tomorrow, I love you no matter what, you're still my girl."  It's not that I want to reward my girl for behaving terribly- but I definitely want her to know that I love her in spite of her behaviour (like cutting a hole in her brand new pants.)

Kinder Canada has posted a product gallery and a sneak peak at some of the great toys included in the Disney Princess and Marvel themed eggs.

“Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own”


Shayna Murray said…
I make a point of reassuring my daughter that even if she frustrates me (as she often does because, well, she's three) that I still love her no matter what. That reassurance is important!

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