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Recently I was asked 3 questions about laundry, more specifically, how I deal with stains.  It's not something that I spend too much time worrying about though I do encounter tough stains on a daily basis as a preschool teacher and mom to a busy three year old. Most of my clothing has stains I just can't get out- for example cooking oil spots on my shirts.
Q. How have you dealt with stains in the past?
A. I deal with stains as they occur, usually with a laundry pre-treater or baking soda and water if I run out.

Q.What’s the most common stain you currently have to deal with?
A. The most common stain in my life is poo, sorry there's no delicate way to phrase it. I spend my life with 2 and 3 year olds. 
Q.Where have you turned in the past for stain removal help? How has it worked out?
A.  I don't consult anyone about stain removal help, usually just stumble along with trial and error.
For this review I used
Resolve® Oxi-Action In-Wash Powder 765g
and Resolve® Oxi-Action Crystal White In-Wash Powder 765g
I have never used an in-wash stain treatment in the past, so the Resolve Oxi-Action In-Wash Powders are new to me. Most of my previous experience with removing stains has involved pre-treater solutions directly on the stain and good old elbow grease.  

Tip: Since most of the stains I deal with are kind of gross, I use disposable vinyl gloves to protect my hands from the chemicals and the messy fabric.

It's been a long hot summer, with many days spent tending our garden, playing at the beach, and sweating in the car on road trips (since we don't have AC).  By the time my clothes hits the hamper my cotton tee shirts have filmy built up under the arms from applying extra deodorant throughout the day.  I only wash in cold water so have had a hard time getting these stains out of my clothes.  It usually takes a lot of soaking and gentle scrubbing before going in the wash.  I decided to use the Resolve Oxi-Action In-Wash Powder to try and revive my tee shirts. I skipped the pre-soak/scrub routine and tossed them into the Gentle cycle that allows for extra soaking time.  It left my clothes fresher than they have felt and smelled in a long time, and it really helped strip away some of the deodorant build up on the first wash.  I ran them through a second time and the results were even better.
Tip: If stains don't come out the first time, don't put the item in the dryer...re-treat and wash a second time.

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