Summer Half Over and I'm Bored {Life}

My excuse for fewer posts has been the fact that I've been swamped with work and college courses. As of today that excuse has been declared null and void. My volunteer teaching hours are complete, shifts at work are scaled back due to low student attendance for the rest of summer, and I submitted my final assignments this morning.  Still I have logged on here three times today to write a fresh post. I had hoped that the end of college deadlines would signal a mental release and fresh wave of inspiration to pick up my blog where I left off. Instead it all seems a little anti-climatic. I keep checking my calendar to see if I've missed any final assignments, along with shuffling from room to room and looking for things to distract me from boredom.

Yup, boredom. Not what I expected. The sense of freedom was more what I hoped for. Now the reality is firm. College is done. Real life is ahead of me including job hunting for a full time teaching gig.  I'm going to go and shuffle around the house some more until I have to get Princess from Nursery school.

Do you experience let-down blues after reaching a big goal?


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