Eucerin Calming Foaming Shower Oil : An Unexpected Result

I have always battled dry skin and unfortunately my girl inherited a few of the same issues. We can get a way with normal products most of the time, but have bouts of sensitivity where our skin needs a little more TLC. Sensitive to most scents (even the mild ones in baby products) it's been a struggle to find good skin care products that wouldn't have her breaking out in rashes or fits of sneezing. A few months ago I was given three Eucerin skin care products to try. The main star of the product line up has been the CALMING Shower Oil. Formulated for dry skin, it is scent-free, dye-free, and non-greasy. It needs a good shake before use, and application to skin worked best for me when it was put on a wet cloth.
Easy to underestimate it's effectiveness if you were to judge it by appearance alone, but the difference in skin texture and hydration was immediate for my Princess.  
We used all our Eucerin CALMING Foaming Shower Oil within about two months and I went back to using her normal bath wash since her skin was tolerating it well. Fast forward to last week, I was searching for baby oil because I heard it was a good way to get rid of temporary tattoos. I found my travel size bottle of the Eucerin Calming Foaming Shower Oil, dabbed a bit on a paper towel, and the temporary tattoo was history.

Temporary Tattoo Removal Tip: Dab a little Eucerin Calming Foaming Shower Oil on a paper towel, let it rest on the temporary tattoo for about 30 seconds, gently rub the skin, and rinse area.

Disclosure: I received Eucerin products in exchange for a review post. All opinions remain honest and my own.


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