Tips For Making A Good Gluten Free Cupcake {Guest Post}

Gluten free cupcakes can be made flavorful, tender, fluffy and moist with some simple tips. No everyone has the ability to turn to Cako for their cupcakes so from time to time it’s good to be able to make your own. These baking tips will help you avoid cupcakes that are heavy and tough. The best gluten free cupcake will be one that is created with ingredients that will keep the cupcake moist, and not dry. The added ingredients can help the cupcakes hold their shape and taste. 

For tender gluten free cupcakes, you can add some extra leavening. Most gluten free flours make heavier cupcakes than some other flours do. Therefore, you will need to add some extra baking powder and baking soda to help the cupcake batter rise a little more, which will result in a finer and tender cupcake.

Gluten free cupcakes will need extra beating to add air to the mixture. The extra beating will cause air bubbles to form due to the starch and protein from the eggs and flour. The extra beating will make the cupcakes taste better. In addition, you should choose flour that has a low protein content.

To get more air in the cupcake batter, you can substitute a carbonated beverage for part of the liquid. The beverage will help give the cupcakes an extra lift. Another idea to add depth and flavor to the cupcakes is to change all the liquid to another type of liquid. For instance, change the milk or water to coffee for a delicious chocolate cupcake.

To add more flavor to your gluten free cupcakes, you can include some extra ingredients to your batter. For instance, you can add cocoa powder or spices. The added ingredients will make each cupcake more interesting and different. You can try adding cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg to get some taste variations. Another variation would be to add fruit puree instead of part of the liquid.
Pureed fruit will help the cupcakes retain moisture. Applesauce is a good choice for an alternative fruit puree to add moisture to the cupcake.

You can change the white sugar to brown sugar for a moister cupcake. The cupcake will be tender as well. In addition, adding more sugar will increase the cupcakes tenderness since the added sugar will attract water.

For a good gluten free cupcake, it should be full of ingredients that add flavor, taste and moisture. For example, a chocolate cupcake should taste rich in chocolate. A fruit cupcake should taste moist and full of fruit. Therefore, a good cupcake will have a wonderful texture that is full of flavor.

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