In Dad's Shoes #SearsBabysRoom

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." Albert Einstein  

She loved to play with his shoes, even though
they may have weighed more than she did.
Princess Destructo has been a daddy's girl from day one.  DADA was one of her first words and she looked so much like him as an infant that it was uncanny.  Our parenting roles reversed nearly two years ago, and hubby has been a stay-at-home dad since. It was a rough transition.  Hubby wasn't used to being in demand for a toddler all day.  I was the grocery shopper, meal planner, house chore doer, appointment maker, and boo boo kisser so had a hard time passing the crown of domestic goddess.
 Fast forward, two years later. Daddy is the one she cries for when she falls down. He's the one reminding me of appointments and asking "What should I take out for dinner?".  

One of the greatest childhood milestones was initiated and accomplished by daddy. POTTY TRAINING. We had attempted it at an earlier age and failed. He researched methods online and asked a few friends. He announced one day in January that he was going to take 5 days to do the Potty Boot Camp. He trained our girl in 3 days and she was nighttime trained in 5 days.  This was a most humbling thing for me since I'm supposed to be the child development expert.  Daddy succeeded with our girl in an area of child hood where I had trained a  few hundred or more children in the last decade.

It's been a great thing to see my hubby embrace his new role as a stay at home dad.  We do have days where we hang our heads at night and even cry because we feel like we've failed her.  The next morning will start with a cheery "good morning princess" (to our girl, not me of course) and the struggles are forgotten in the light of a new day.  Dad has survived being a minority in the world of mom's at preschool play groups.  He has shown me that parenthood isn't about being perfect. It's about trying again and again and praying for the best outcome.
Princess earned the nickname "mooch" very early on.
She would crawl into your lap and say "some, some, some"
over and over until she got "some". Daddy gave in a lot more than me.
My wishlist for daddy's father's day is that he would feel loved and appreciated for all his hard work over the last 4 years, but especially in these last 2 years since I went back to work and left him to be Mr. Mom. The wishlist also includes a barbeque so he can eat his favourite food anytime- barbequed burgers.

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