Canada Day Crafts and Recipes {Link Up}

We Canadians are a generous bunch and we are also patriotic about being Canadian. I'm sharing my Strawberry Trifle recipe and a simple preschool craft idea to represent our family celebrations for Canada's birthday.

Handprint Canadian Flag Craft.

Recommended for Preschool children (ages 2+).
white paper, any size as long as it's rectangular
red paint, markers or crayons
red paper
paper towel roll or wooden dowel


  1. Draw two lines on the paper, sectioning the paper into three vertical rectangles. 
  2. Paint the sides red.
  3. Trace your child's handprint and cut out to represent a maple leaf.
  4. Glue the hand print in the middle of the page.
  5. Once everything is dry, tape or glue your flag to an empty paper towel roll or wooden dowel.
Learning skills promoted:
Fine motor skills and tool mastery- While tracing, cutting, and painting children practise using their fine motor muscles to increase coordination and strength.

Symbolic thinking and 3D sculpture making go hand in hand- Using a handprint to symbolize a maple leaf and encourages the creation of 3 dimensional art work and sculptures later on.

I added my trifle recipe to the list below and invite you to add your Canada Day themed posts including recipes, crafts, DIY decorations ideas and more!


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