Taking Care of My Skin with Deep Moisture Body Wash #DoveisDifferent #Sponsor

Two weeks ago I shared a cool contest from Dove. They were inviting women to share why they would consider making the switch to Dove Body wash. There are a few more hours to get in on this contest, with a chance to win Dove Body wash for you and a friend.  I have to be honest and say that I personally don't use use Dove Body Wash exclusively. I'm a creature of habit and tend to stick with what I like until the product no longer meets my needs.  
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After seeing the swatch tests showing that some body washes are harsh on our skin, I decided to consider making the switch to try Dove.  It's time to update you about my experience with the new and "proven best" Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash.  In the two weeks that I have been using the product I've noticed a difference in my skin. A natural skeptic, there was little expectation from the body wash on my part, though the Dove brand name has been trusted for many years.  (I use the Dove Baby Soap Bar on my daughter.)  FYI, my usual skin care routine includes at least one shower a day, sometimes 2 or three in the summer.  I use copious amounts of bath/body washes and apply a 24 hour moisturizing lotion after shower and at least one more time during the day.

Here are notes from my "Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash" review journal:

Day One - The smell is pleasant, the texture is creamy, almost lotion-like, it lathered nicely in the shower poof, seems to rinse out of my skin well. (I only applied it to my fore arms and hands to test my allergy sensitivity.)
Day Two - The smell did not trigger my allergies as it lingered on my skin after showering on day one.  I also did not get a rash so decided to use it in the usual manner (all over coverage).
Day Four - I slept in and in the rush to get out the door forgot to put on body lotion after my shower, realized a few hours later that my skin does not feel tight. (Normally my skin will feel tight and itchy when I fail to use lotion after my shower.) I felt as though I needed to use lotion by the time I was finished work and arriving home for supper.
Day Five - I decided to use much less lotion after my shower today with great results.  Didn't feel a need to reapply later in the day (only after hand washing).
Day Ten -  I have noticed a difference in my skin texture and appearance. The dry patches on my elbows are getting smaller and my hands are not as dry and itchy.
This is not a miracle product but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with switching to Dove Body Wash and have shared full sized body washes with my friends.  I invite you to try the new Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash to see for yourself why Dove is different.  

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All opinions remain honest and my conclusions about this product may not mirror your own. I encourage you to try for yourself and make your own conclusions.


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