Remembering the Top Five Milestones and Moments of Parenthood #NatrelBaboo

 How can you pick five top moments of parenthood?  I brainstormed for memories and then sifted through thousands of pictures to try and match up with those special moments. I'm glad we're a shutter happy family since most of my top five were captured as digital reminders.

#1-Going Home
I was so scared in this pic, shaking in fact.  I was wondering
what to do with this 6 pound, squirming, yellow baby that
wouldn't nurse.

#2- Learning to feed herself
"Mmm, it tastes so much better on my fingers."
I was so glad to find a food that my picky eater
seemed to enjoy.

#3- First Steps
She was being saucy- would pretend she was going to take her hand
off the exersaucer and quickly put it back on when we
tried to take a pick of her free-standing.

#4- First tower
Fiercely independent, she spent 30 minutes on
this simple construction.
I snapped this quick before the tower tumbled.

#5- First transition from crib.
Her expression seems to say "What? You really took
the big rail off and set me free? Neither one
of us is sleeping tonight!"
Some of my biggest worries involved feeding my girl.  Was she eating enough? Was she eating enough of the right foods?  A few worries diminished as Princess grew older.  And I have some moms at the childcare center that ask me- How do you know when children are getting enough to eat?  My usual answer is, to talk to your family doctor if you're really worried. He/she will probably ask you to keep a food journal, which will help you remember how much they are eating, and what foods they request most.  I stopped worrying about my own picky eater when I realized, she has energy to play all day without naps (she dropped those at 22 months) and is generally in good health.  Supplements are another way to help balance your child's diet.

Why Baboo?
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