Smartphone Apps To Entertain Your Kids on Your Next Move {Guest Post}

Educational and Entertaining Android Apps for Your Kids on Your Next Move

Smartphones have so many awesome features including maps, internet access, calendars, camera for both taking pictures and recording video, and so many other amazing apps; but as a parent, we can all agree that the best thing features for smartphones are the apps, especially for our kids.  Ninety-nine percent of the time we have our phones on, which means we are always capable of type of entertainment for our kids.  We can show our kids home videos and pictures that we took; we can open YouTube and find any show for them to watch; and we can upload, at anytime, new apps for them to play games and learn new skills.

Smartphones come in handy all the time, but more specifically during your move.  After everything is packed (including the kids toys, Xbox, Wii games, etc.) and you’re busy moving things into the car or loading the trucks, you can count on the phone to entertain your kids while teaching them something new. Your phone can be an awesome tool for your next move!

Entertaining Apps for Kids by Age

  • For your Toddler to Preschooler –
    • Intellijoy Lite offers FREE Puzzles, Connect the Dots and Math Apps.  These are great for your younger kids that want to play on your phone as well.  You can try the app for free but you get limited amount of games, and if you want you can purchase over 100 Intellijoy games for only $2.99.
    • Toddler World offers FREE activities for your toddler.  Kids see high quality images of automobiles, alphabets, colors & shapes.  Kids can also trace letters & shapes in a color of their choice.  And they can play memory.  You can purchase all activities for only $.99.
    • Alphabet Bingo is for kids learning as well as for kids who already know their letters and need practice.  Kids play bingo with letters on a 5-by-5 grid and when the kids get bingo, a fun song is played with a dancing clown to celebrate.  And it only cost $.99.

  • Action & Strategy Apps for your Older Kids –
    • Doodle Jump is a game where you need to tilt your phone from side to side as you guide your doodle dude onto higher and higher platforms.  Kids will need to avoid holes and monsters and aim for trampolines and springs to help them jump.  It is only $.99 from Google Play.
    • Airport Mania teaches kids about time management as they act as a traffic controller loading plans in different airport settings.  As you get more points you can purchase upgrades for their airplanes.  It is only $.99 from Google Play.
    • Pocket Soccer- Kids can play this FREE game against the computer or against each other in this game that combines elements from soccer, air hockey and pool

  • Great Books & Stories –
    • The Cat in the Hat – Dr Suess
    • Benjamin Bunny

  • Entertaining YouTube Videos for Your Younger Ones
    • “I Love My White Shoes” with Pete the Cat
    • “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”
    • “Elmo’s got the Moves”

So when you are planning your next big move, remember these apps and you will have one less thing to stress about! And don’t forget, Transit Systems would be a great choice for shipping your furniture!


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