I Shaved My Legs For You : Schick Intuition Review

Well I have a confession and am about to get a little more personal than usual.  I shave my legs about 6 times a year.  That's approximately once a month in summer and maybe once in the winter if I have to swim with the kids at work.  When I was gifted a SCHICK Intuition shaver, I agreed to a review more for the sake of curiosity.  There will be no before and after picks here, I'm fine with baring my emotions but my underarms are another story. Here's my breakdown of the things I liked about the shaving system.

Ease of use.  The big handle helped me get a good grip on the razor and is partly made of non-slip surface.  When you have limited fine motor skills, that kind of product engineering is appreciated.

Smells great. I'm picky with strong smells, especially ones going on my skin. This product had a coconut and almond scent that was pleasant.

Left my skin soft and smooth.  I was worried about the bulkiness of the shaver head, but it got my pits done with no problem at all.

Suction cup on razor holder sucks.  I could barely get the razor holder to stay on my shower wall long enough to get a picture. This was disappointing because I had hoped to use it to keep the razor high out of reach from my three year old.  The only shelf in my shower is the  tiny one seen in the background so space is at a premium.

Verdict: I loved not having to use shave gel and could see that leaving out this step is a money saver.  Just add water and with little effort get smooth skin. Retailing for about $9 US, with 3 refills costing $12 US, I would invest in the SCHICK Intuition for a trip or special occasion.

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post.


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