Fun Party Invitation Ideas {Guest Post}

Many people enjoy hosting a party now and then but are sometimes stuck for ideas when it comes to unusual and fun invitations. The fashion of plain invitation cards, other than for very formal events is a thing of the past and many people are now looking for invitation ideas that will make the party look, as well as sound like fun.

Bingo parties are quite fashionable at the moment and you may want to think about using a bingo game card as an invitation. No matter what type of party you are having, there are many different types of invitations available, many of them with bingo as a central theme.

Bridal Shower

If you have a friend or relative that is getting married and you would like to give them a bridal shower there are some great ideas out there. Invitations for this type of party are quite important and it helps if you know both the bride’s and the guests’ preferences. Sending out personalised bridal shower bingo card invitations could be a fun start to any bridal shower.

Halloween Parties

Why not make your next Halloween party stand out from all the rest. If you want to give guests some idea for costumes etc. you can do that with the invitations that you send out. Why not send off for a printable party pack of party invitations where different things associated with Halloween are pictured on the bingo card type party invitations. Make sure that your guests are ready to celebrate with these special, fun party invitations.

Bingo Themed Parties

Bingo attracts new fans every day, whether they play in church halls, online or at a friends home, bingo is still a favourite pastime. If you and your friends love bingo then why not have a bingo themed party. Choose a cake decorated like a bingo card, themed decorations, well you get the picture. Don’t forget to include the invitations in your themed party; you can even get bingo card invitations, just to give your guests a taste of the goodies to come.

Baby Shower

Baby showers have been popular in America for a long time and in recent years have become a favourite in the UK. If the mum to be knows whether her baby is going to be a boy or a girl then you can choose the appropriate colour as the main theme.

If you want party activities that will not wear out the mother in waiting then why not choose bingo baby shower invitations and play the game as the main party activity. You can get bingo baby shower invitations in blue or pink, or any other colour you may prefer, you can be sure your guests will like them.

Travelling Party

If you are going on a school road trip with your child’s class then why not turn it into a party with some fun games. Ask the teacher if you can take along some fun invitation cards where the kids can play numbers games – keeps them happy and occupied until you reach your destination.

Written by Gozde Kar for Best Bingo Websites.


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