Simple Weaving Crafts For Valentines Day {Preschool & JK/SK Activities}

There are many ways to use paper in preschool activities.  Cutting and weaving paper into patterns can be delightful and encourage using familiar materials in new ways.  I did these activities with my JK children and older preschoolers in preparation for Valentine's Day cards we would be making and exchanging.  I promote freedom in exploring art materials, but also believe in the value of teacher lead opportunities if children have expressed an interest and need guidance to achieve their goals. I can't pretend these are activities inspired by original ideas. Woven Heart Baskets and Heart Envelopes are projects I remember doing in kindergarten more than 30 years ago.  Here is my interpretation of classic Preschool and JK projects. 

Age Group: 3 1/2 to 5 year olds

Learning Outcomes:
  1. To enhance cognitive skills as children create patterns with paper and learn the process of weaving (under, over, under). 
  2. Creative expression will be encouraged as children choose the colours of paper they would like to use. 
  3. Tool mastery (snipping with scissors) and fine motor skills will be practiced as children prepare their project for weaving. 

 Activity #1

Heart Baskets.
Overlap your woven plates in a cone shape.
Secure the sides with staples and affix the large chenille
wire as a handle.  The end result will be a basket
to collect Valentine cards or small treats.
  • 9 inch paper plates- 2 for each basket
  • paper scissors
  • Tissue paper cut in 1 x12 inch strips
  • large chenile wires
  • stapler (adult help needed)

Cut strips of tissue paper.

Fold the paper plates in half and slice straight lines
on the folded edge.

Open the plate, lay it flat and begin weaving tissue
paper one strip at a time. Repeat this step with a second plate.
Activity #2
Heart Envelopes.
When the bottom edges are secured with invisible tape,
this heart will open into an envelope for collecting

  • Construction paper
  • Paper scissors
  • Invisible tape

Fold a piece of construction paper in half.  The goal is to
preserve the folded edge for the entire

Cut the folded paper in half .

Cut two slices in each half, again preserving the
folded edge.

Carefully round the outer corners
(this step can be saved to the end).

Open the two halves of paper, over the bottom pieces
into a woven pattern. Close the top pieces over
the bottom and carefully weave these as well.
Secure the bottom edges with two sided tape.


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