Hallmark's Blooming Expressions & Other Gift Ideas For Your Valentine #PressPausePanel

My hubby's grandparents are about to celebrate their 68th Wedding Anniversary.  That is a really long time to be with someone and poses the question, What do you get a couple that has been married that long that will still be memorable?  Since Hallmark is my go-to gift idea store, their selection of Valentine's gifts offered a tonne of inspiration.

Blooming Expressions- The RED FLOWER I received retails at $19.95.  This product is available in a number of designs including; lavender, yellow, or pink flower in vase with differing messages revealed when the flower blooms.

 Just the right size for a small apartment, the Blooming Expressions
RED FLOWER will not wilt in a week.

Blooming Expressions RED FLOWER opened slowly with a push of the button
and offered a sweet message.

Next on my gift list is Princess Destructo, who is now celebrating a full month of being potty trained.  Cupig and Love Ya Pup are going to be her milestone gifts.

Cupig is priced at $15.95 with the purchase of 3 Hallmark greeting cards. Press his hoof to make him dance and sing. I love that the lyrics are printed on the tag.  His fur is super soft and the volume of his song/sound effects is not too loud.

Love Ya Pup is specially priced at $9.95 with the purchase of 3 Hallmark greeting cards. He has similar plush softness and wags his ears up and down as he howls his love for "You-ooo!"

With friends and family scattered all over North America, there are deluxe greeting cards available for everyone else on my Valentine's list.  I'm sending a really sweet card to my niece and will skype with her when she opens it.  It's important for me to keep in touch with my loved ones no matter how far.

Do you send Valentine's? I'd like to know how you celebrate this special day devoted to love?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Hallmark Canada Press Pause Panel and will receive product perks from time to time. All opinions remain honest and my own.


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