Language & Literacy Can be Celebrated Everyday {Preschool Activities}.

Literacy Day is celebrated annually on January 27.

HELLO Rainbow
My special planned activity was called "HELLO Rainbow-Waving hello in many languages."  I got children to trace their hands on various colours of construction paper, after we discussed how many ways there are to say "hello".  Some of the children have English as a second language so shared the way they say hello at home.  We wrote "hello" in many languages and will finish the activity on Monday by placing them in a rainbow pattern.

To promote relevant conversations within peer groups as we present a common phrase from another person's point of view.

Learning outcomes:
Help practice or perfect fine motor skills as children trace their hands and cut them out.

Encourage language skills and learn new vocabulary while also using the rules of conversation (listening skills, turn taking)

I love that there is a special day marked to celebrate literacy.  Literacy is not only defined as learning to read but encapsulates language learning as well.  There were a few extra language activities planned this past week at my child care center, but every day can be literacy day.

  • Visit and support your local libraries. Many of them offer FREE group reading and literacy activities.  The digital age is settling deep in the minds of children and adults alike. E-readers and tablets may offer educational books and apps but nothing beats borrowing books from your public library and  listening together to listen as someone reads a book aloud.
  • Encourage your children to pick books, then pick some that you want to read as well. Young children may pick books based on how inviting the covers are and whether the book features a favourite character. Getting them interested in books is the first step to building a lifetime love of reading. 
  • Make reading a family event and make it part of your routine.  Every night I allow my daughter to pick one book and I pick one that I want her to hear as well.  Sometimes I ask my daughter to "read" the book to me. Asking your preschooler to invent stories based on what they see in the pictures will help increase language skills and build vocabulary.
  • Build your own booklet. There are many templates to print out online but it is simple to make your own.  Use any notepad or folded pieces of printer paper, ask your preschooler to draw pictures, then make up a story together. Alternative activity: cut or tear pictures from magazines to glue into your homemade booklet instead of drawing.

For more ideas on encouraging language and literacy with your kids visit Life Literacy Canada .

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. 


Stacey said…
We LOVED story time at the library, it introduced us to so many great reads, songs, activities and friends. Thanks for these other great tips as well! And Thanks for joining us in the All Canadian Link up!

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