Healthy Motivation with Special K and @NewBalanceCAN #Kelloggers

"Positive thinking is so powerful because it puts us into a position of power and into the driver's seat of your own life...Discipline and motivation...can be fueled by positive thinking." Hina Khan
Thanks for the New Balance Duffle, Tank, and Special K goodies!

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, especially the ones that have me promising to lose weight.   You know the friends that vow to never touch a doughnut in 2013 yet are hiding away and breaking the vow three days later?  I do make a point of surrounding myself with healthier versions of the foods I love year round.  We are snackers and love chips.  Special K Cracker Chips are a great item to keep for the salty, crunchy food cravings.  We love the BBQ flavoured ones best. Counting in at 80 calories for a 20 gram serving of crackers, I feel like I'm actually getting a nice big handful of chips.

As much as I love to snack, cereal is another favourite of ours and we could easily eat three boxes a week.  Kellogg's has a neat promotion right now.  Look for specially marked boxes that will give you information on how to order a FREE New Balance Lightening Dry Tank or Shirt (you need two PIN's from specially marked boxes).

If you have made a resolution to get healthy in 2013, or are looking for more information on Special K products visit My Special K.   You can create personalized meal plans, track your progress, find tips to help keep you moving toward your goal, and invite friends to join. Sign up is free.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. From time to time I receive gifts from Kellogg's for being part of their Kellogger's community.


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