"There's a Meal To My Madness" Sandi Richard's Canadian Tour.

image from cookingfortherushed.com
“We need to stop beating up our amazing  parents when it comes to making dinner at home! We need to understand that their work and activity schedules are out of control! So why not laugh at the insanity, accept it… and get our parents the tools they need to navigate through it all!”   Sandi Richard

Has anyone else been guilty of throwing together some crazy meals over the years? My family now knows better than to question what is put on their plates.  They eat it and say "Thanks mom." Or risk eating cereal and leftovers for the next 3 days as I protest.   Sandi Richard is a busy mom of seven. She is also a TV Show host, and author whose practical tips have inspired me to plan my meals to help reduce the meal time stress.  There's a Meal To My Madness, is an interactive event lead by Richard and she's coming to select Canadian cities between November 2012 and June 2013.  I snapped up tickets for one of these events and am looking forward to a fun night. 

image from cookingfortherushed.com

Visit Cooking For The Rushed if you want more information about this event.

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