Monkey See, Monkey Do @CopyKids DVD Review

"The eating habits we give our kids starting at 6 months and right into their toddler years stick with them their whole lives. It's an incredible long term investment." Dr. Jay Gordon
I've shared about one of my biggest concerns as a parent which revolves around feeding my kid.  What to feed her? How much to feed her?  My #1 tip- Don't overwhelm your kids with new foods. I give my daughter 3 bite sized pieces to try. If she rejects it, try again in a few days.  I'm always looking for ways to encourage new foods and discourage the junk food choices.  We recently received a DVD called COPY-KIDS intended to help promote healthy eating habits in children.
My girl loves steamed broccoli! No butter, no cheese,
just plain if you please.
Our daughter's television exposure is heavily censored and instead we choose DVD's in light of what is interesting to her and what is developmentally appropriate.  I watch her level of visual commitment with favourite shows and see the influence it has on her vocabulary and pretend play.  In other words, I hear her say things that I know I've never said and her play is infused with other influences such as tv characters and plots. Using children's love of watching the screen seems like a great chance to infuse some healthy habits. When it comes to interacting with children, both younger and older, you can't underestimate the opportunities for influence.  My Princess was glued to Copy-Kids and even asked for red peppers on our next grocery shopping trip.  This is one food that has been rejected for the last 3 years!  Recently I saw her playing with her shopping cart and plastic food, she sat her dolly down and said "Eat peppers, they're gooood."
This is her reaction to raw broccoli with salad dressing.
"Mommy it's gots stuff on it!"
I wondered what inspired this Copy-Kids DVD, because it really is a fabulous way to get children thinking of fruits and vegetables in a positive way.  After looking through some of their video clips, it was clear to me that the Copy-Kids project is child-centered, paediatrician lead, and kid approved.  This product also received an award from PTPA Media Inc. (Parent Tested Parent Approved s an online community that puts products in the hands of select parents and awards their seal of approval based on feedback.)

Verdict: The DVD concept is very simple.  Depicting video clips of children eating fruits and vegetables with the intention to inspire a generation of young TV watchers to eat fruits and vegetables.  Copy-Kids has been given a place in our home DVD collection, right between Cat In The Hat and Dora the Explorer.

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