Beat Winter With La Roche-Posay’s #100families Campaign.

"*Atopy is a hereditary predisposition of the immune system to develop hypersensitive reactions.  Atopy manifests itself in a variety of forms, such as sinusitis, asthma, conjunctivitis and food allergies. This predisposition may also express itself in atopic dermatitis."

As soon as we wave goodbye to the last warm days of September and settle into Autumn, my skin care issues surface. A combination of being outside in the cold and inside heating leaves the skin on my hands and feet cracked, painful, and easily damaged.   That doesn't mean that my eczema sleeps during the summer, I just have an easier time managing it.  I've tried many products over the years and few have given me relief.  Regretfully, my daughter was born with my same sensitive skin. As a new mom I was brought to tears over discovering the cracked skin behind her ears and between her fingers and toes. We are both sensitive to many fragranced lotions and soaps, even the ones that say 'fragrance-free'.  They make our skin itchy, and scratching further damages our skin.  I've turned to prescription lotions when the flare ups have been severe, but I'm still on the hunt for over the counter formulas to help with day-to-day skin cleansing and care.  
 Recently I was made aware of products from La Roche-Posay.  Lipikar Baume AP and Lipikar Syndet are dermatologically recommended for adults and children with eczema (chronic itchiness, dryness, and atophy).  They are specially formulated to soothe itchy skin for 24 hours and provide hydration without irritating the skin further.  Since January, La Roche- Posay has been helping 100 families in Canada, parents and children that are living with the effects of eczema.  They are looking to reach out to more families to join this campaign.

A Word From My Sponsor About the Contest:

La Roche-Posay will be selecting 16 new Canadian families to join the program. Each selected family will receive the following:

·        Continuous eczema support
·        Information and education to help families better manage their eczema and improve their quality of life
·         A supply of Lipikar Baume AP and Lipikar Syndet at no cost for December, January and February

To become a family, La Roche-Posay Canada Facebook fans can submit their story to between Nov. 1st - Nov. 18th and tell in 500 words or less:

·        Your name
·        Your phone number
·        Name & age of child with eczema
·         About your child’s condition
·        What joining the program means to you
·        What becoming a La Roche-Posay ambassador means to you

There will be a pre-selected jury of 3 people to review and approve each family submission. The contest will be featured on the La Roche-Posay Canada Facebook wall via status updates and images. As part of the program, selected families will be able to submit photos and updates on their progress as they use the Lipikar products on their children. Eligible families must have a child currently under the age of 18 suffering from eczema and must be a resident of Canada.

Connect with La Roche-Posay on their Facebook page & 
Twitter @larocheposayca

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of La Roche-Posay and PTPA Media Inc.  All opinions are my own. 

*Product information and quote obtained from  Please consult a Physician before changing or starting any health care routines.


Jenna Em said…
Thank you for sharing this programme! I live La Roche-Posay products very much.

Just Us Girls said…
Thanks for sharing this. Both my nieces suffer from eczema and this program sounds like it would help both my sisters a lot. I'll be forwarding this info, thanks!
Shayna Murray said…
We sound a lot like you. I have allergies and mild eczema. My daughter has allergies, asthma and eczema. We haven't tried the La Roche Posay products yet because we have, luckily, found other products that work but I will definitely keep these in mind when it's time to restock. I have used other La Roche-Posay products in the past and have really liked them.
Anonymous said…
What a great campaign. Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
What a great campaign! Thank you for sharing.

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