Thanksgiving Dinner Collage {CRAFT}

As a preschool teacher I'm constantly searching for new ways to explore the same themes that come with the calendar year.  I'm sure most of us remember the hand print turkeys we made at school in kindergarten. Well, they are still being made, but not in my classroom this year...

This simple craft gave children a chance to browse grocery circulars,
clip out favourite foods, and make their very own Thanksgiving Dinner collage.

Age Group: Preschool & JK (3-5 years old)

Items Needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors
  • Grocery flyers

Learning Outcomes:
  • Fine motor exercise while turning pages and usng glue sticks or markers.
  • Mastery of tools as they clip out the food items.
  • Freedom of creativity- every child had a unique "dinner".
  • Imagination and expression- children chose foods they have tried or would like to try.
  • Language & literacy skills were enhanced as each child discussed their food choices, shared materials,  and tried to read the food names.

Disclosure:  This idea was borrowed with permission from a colleague.


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