Let's Build An Ark.

It's been an eventful few days here. Not only did the remnants of Hurricane Sandy roll through here, but we were lucky enough to be moving furniture in the middle of it.  We were too busy to watch TV in the days leading up to the move so didn't know there was bad weather brewing until I got a concerned message from one of the people who offered to help us move.
Friend: "Are you still moving in the hurricane?"
Me: "What hurricane?"
Friend: "The big one that's on it's way here SATURDAY."
Me: "Yes, it's a fixed date commitment. We'll build an ark and float to the house if we have to."
Image credit: guardian.co.uk

I should've known better than to be flippant. I turned on the TV while we packed up some last minute items. The NEWS stations were declaring imminent emergency. The satellite pics showed a large swirling mass heading our way. It has been raining here since exactly 8:00 am on Saturday morning, which is when hubby picked up the keys to the U-haul.  Four days later we are still carrying over car loads of small items and attempting to paint our apartment even though it's 100% humidity outside.

Seems as though the rain is doing me in as much as the exhausting work of shifting boxes, cleaning and painting.  This morning my Princess Destructo stood and watched the rain at the patio door and said, "Is Noah coming for a visit?"

My brain jumped to make a connection, "Oh you mean Noah and the ark? It is raining a lot."

*Insert eye roll, huff, and "Mom" drawn out to 2 syllables*  "Mom, Noah from 301!"

...Oh yes, the kid from down the hall at our old apartment.
Lots of U-Hauls but no arks.
The reason why I didn't get to sleep in my bed on Saturday.
Lots of help to move, but most of the stuff ended
up in the master bedroom.
This pic was taken before they finished. I can't actually walk
through my dining room from this direction. There
are furniture and suitcases every where.
The rug that's supposed to be under my bed, my head/foot board,
and miscellaneous items to sort.
I don't consider myself a hoarder until the entire contents of
my closets, storage rooms, and drawers are piled in a heap.  I am confronted
with the overwhelming amount of clothing, kitchen stuff, and paper!
This had to be the most unorganized move I've ever done. It's a testament to my busy schedule and being overwhelmed with life. We still have personal belongings from the previous tenants to shift before we can sort out our own stuff.  I think I'll hide in bed and eat Halloween candy.


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