What Do You KRAVE? #Kelloggers

I'm a chocoholic and tend to give in and have a little everyday.  For me it's better to give in and have a small amount or I'll snack to oblivion and end up just eating what I craved in the first place.  Typically, I don't choose sweet cereals and try to keep sugar servings below 7 grams.  KRAVE tops out at 10 grams (per 3/4 cup).  But Kelloggs' KRAVE offers a source of fibre with 2 grams in a 3/4 serving size, which may help you feel fuller for a longer period of time.  Though skeptical at first, KRAVE cereal gets a thumbs up from me and my family.  This chocoholic has found a new snack to fuel the 3 pm chocolate break.  I bring it to work in a snack container, milk is optional.

Hubs two cents:  "I don't recommend eating a huge bowl of DOUBLE CHOCOLATE first thing in the morning. BAH! I need a sugar cleanse."

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I also received the new Special K CRISPS, in CHOCOLATE flavour and CINNAMON BROWN SUGAR.  I found these 100 calorie snacks light and tasty.  The chocolate ones had a rich chocolate flavour, much the same as the chocolate in the KRAVE cereal.  I hid these from my family in hopes that they wouldn't be eaten in one day.  It was nice to have 2 flaky cookies in a serving, it felt like I had a real treat and not just a morsel.

Visit KELLOGG"S for more information about these and other new products.

Disclosure:  This is not a compensated post. Kellogg's sends me free product to review as part of my involvement with their Kellogger's Blogger Network.


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